One thing I love about being a photographer is reconnecting with people.  Jess and I went to high school together. Now she is a doctor in Michigan! I was thrilled when she inquired about family photography for her mom’s birthday and I also loved seeing her, her parents, and her brother again, meeting her new girlfriend, her brother’s wife, her aunt, and her niece and nephew.

Senior couple holding hands and looking at each other in vertical photo on left. He is wearing a red button up shirt. She is wearing a light brown sweater with a plaid scarf on top. In the photo on the right they are holding hands and looking at the camera.

I love it when couples who have been together a very long time get their photos taken. Often the only time we take professional photos is when we are engaged or getting married, so it is nice to do them on other occasions. Family portraits also include couples photos!

Lesbian couple holding hands in photo on right. Couple dancing together in photo on right.

Jess and Jen have lots of fun together!

Lesbian couple looking each other in the eyes and smiling lovingly. Greenery in background. Close-up portrait.

These two communicate volumes with their eyes. 

Outdoor extended family portrait with 9 people including two children.

Another photo I am glad we got before the storm hit! We only had about 10 minutes outside.

Outdoor extended family portrait

I am so happy we got this photo before the storm hit!

The backs of people walking on a trail with dark storm clouds.

We walked away seconds before the lightning and downpour.

Two sisters in their 60s or 70s sitting on a couch beside each other.

Sisters on couch.

Brother wearing black hugging sister with his right arm. He is wearing a black sweater, she is wearing a red sweater and a red and gray scarf. They are sitting on a couch.

Brother and sister.

Wife wearing orange button up shirt smiling at husband. Both in their 30s.

Sometimes you can’t help but smile when you look at your loved one.

Matriarch and patriarch on light couch with ocean blue pillow and their family behind them including two young children, the matriarch's sister, their two children and their partners.

Extended family photo in the new Oakville house. Congratulations!