I met Sarah, Mike and Jackson doing Jackson’s newborn photos. They came in for my Baby Plan, which was 4 sessions over the course of 1 year and it was super fascinating watching him go from easygoing, relaxed, sleepy newborn to super active toddler.
Sarah texted me about a month ago, telling me she had another baby (!) and asking if I was doing newborn photos given the strange circumstances of this time. I am only doing outdoor sessions for now, so we looked at the weather, picked the nicest day and did them in her parents backyard.  I put on a mask, stayed 6 feet away and asked them to pose baby Charlotte.  She looks just like her brother did when he was her age!

Sometimes Sarah and Jackson joined us for lunch at The Palais Royale on Wednesdays, but she often sent me a text that she wouldn’t be able to make it because he just started his nap and it almost always lasted 3 hours! I am glad they were able to join us when they could. I wonder if Charlotte will be like her brother and also take 3 hour naps.

Sleeping newborn

Sarah insisted on the bow so they would be able to tell Charlotte and Jackson’s baby photos apart.


Charlotte getting some sun

Charlotte getting some sun.

Sweet newborn with open eyes

Sweet newborn with open eyes.

This is Charlotte’s big brother, Jackson when he was around her age. Do you think you could tell them apart?

Sarah holding baby Charlotte

Sarah holding Charlotte.

Sarah holding Charlotte #2. I couldn't decide between those two photos.

Another sweet photo of Sarah holding Charlotte.

Mike holding Charlotte

Mike and Charlotte.

Big brother and his dumptruck

Jackson and the dump truck that belonged to his uncle when he was a little boy.


Motherhood is all about multi-tasking.

Jackson and his baby sister

Jackson needed a little help holding Charlotte.

First portrait with mom and dad

First portrait with mom and dad

Family of 4

Family of 4.

Three generations

Three generations.

Congratulations on adding baby Charlotte to your family! Thank you also for trying something new with our outdoor newborn session.