I was delighted when Phil contacted me to take his family portraits this fall. Phil has gotten really into photography himself and I have seen many fantastic photos he has posted of his family.  He wanted me to capture his ‘white whale’ which was a good photo of the four of them.  The other ‘want’ was a photo of the kids looking good together.  For families with very young children, my advice is to go for candids. I did get some nice family portraits of the four of them!

This photo session actually took place the day after the one I posted yesterday, but it was a sunny day, so it almost looks like they took place in two different locations.

My husband has known Phil since 2002 and I met him shortly after we got married and I moved to Waterloo in 2005.  We didn’t live there very long as Phil got a job in Toronto, Vu wanted to come to Toronto and shortly thereafter, they were working at the same company downtown!  We used to go to concerts together at The Starlight together and then we went to Sneaky Dee’s or The Rivoli. Phil introduced us to By Divine Right.

I photographed Phil and Yi’s wedding at Sunnyside Pavilion way back in 2009! 11 years and two kids later, here we are.

Romantic photo at James Gardens. Family portraits at James Gardens.

Romantic photo at James Gardens.

Couples photo, man lifting up woman

Recreating their wedding photo, which is still on my business card!

Family Portraits at James Gardens

Family of four at James Gardens.

A fun place to take photos

A fun place to take photos.

Sibling photo #1

Sibling photo #1.

Dawn was happy to let her brother squeeze her cheeks. Family portraits.

Dawn was happy to let her brother squeeze her cheeks. She definitely looks up to him, even if he loves her too much sometimes.

Happy siblings. Family portraits in the leaves.

Happy siblings.

Siblings playing in the leaves. Family portraits.

Playing in the leaves

Sharing a popsicle. Family portraits.

She had her own ice cream, but she still wanted some of her brother’s popsicle and he was happy to share.