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  • Lee and Dee’s Downtown Toronto Wedding at The Gates | Toronto Wedding Photographers

    I knew Lee and Dee would have an awesome wedding, but I didn’t know it would be filled with so many unique and super cool details!  Their wedding definitely had a downtown Toronto feel, since Lee got ready at The Hilton Garden Inn around Jarvis and Dundas, Dee got ready at their place in Leslieville and the wedding took place at a new venue called The Gates at Gerrard and Church.

    Lee and the Groomsmen watched some videos on YouTube before they put the boutonnieres on, to make sure they were doing it right.   You can see the results below.

    Lee and the Groomsmen

    Dee and her bridesmaids made the bouquet and boutonnieres out of paper.  These were definitely among the most incredible bridal bouquets I have ever seen and they were definitely the most creative!

    Paper bouquet

    Check out Dee’s bridal themed nails.

    Wedding day nails

    Dee’s matron of honour wrote out her speech in an attempt to memorize it. In case you were wondering, she rocked it! It was filled with emotions from tears to laughter.

    Maid of honour's speech

    Dee getting ready.  I thought it was pretty funny when she stood in front of the cow’s skull on her wall and it looked like there were horns coming from her head.

    Dee getting ready

    Almost done getting ready! Note the beautiful painting of Dee on the wall, by Heather Horton.

    Dee is ready!

    Dee’s dad walks her down the aisle to  immeasurable applause!

    Dad walking bride down aisle

    First married kiss!

    Wedding Ceremony at The Gates in Toronto

    They brought some props.  Note the black and white photos. Dee’s photo is of her parents on their wedding day and Lee’s photo is of his parents on their wedding day.  I find it amazing that both sets of parents are posing the same way.

    Bride and groom with & sign and photos from their parents' weddings

    It’s OK if it rains on your wedding day! You can still take photos outside!

    Photos in the rain

    Dee’s matron of honour likes joking around.  She was framed here!

    Dee and her matron of honour in a picture frame

    Lee’s family and Dee’s family.

    Family photos

    Don’t you love Dee’s dress? It is by Starkers! Corsetry. I also love Lee’s hair…er…wait…I mean Dee’s hair.

    Bride and groom as bride

    Their friend Kalli Roger did an amazing job making the cake. I think Dee was pretty excited to dig into it!

    Cake and cake cutting

    Their friends and family were this enthusiastic for the entire reception.  I think they win for ‘least subdued crowd’ I have photographed in my over 14 year long wedding photography career!

    Fun and enthusiastic wedding crowd

    I brought them outside for some night photos. It was raining a tiny bit, but that was OK!

    Romantic photos at night

    Is it just me, or does Dee remind you a little bit of Amelie here?  Don’t  you love her shoes? She designed them herself!

    Bride on couch

    Last dance together before the night came to an end.

    Last dance

    Congrats on your marriage, Dee and Lee!  May the fun continue with many more dances and creative endeavors.

    Thanks again for having me there to photograph your wedding!

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  • Andrea and Ian | Distillery District Engagement Photos | Toronto Wedding Photographer

    Andrea had a birthday celebration a few years ago, which I attended.  It was my first time meeting Ian and I whispered “I think he likes you,” to her.  More recently, she told me they got quite a kick out of my comment because it was their third date!

    They met at Tweed Ride Toronto , so of course their bicycles were an important part of their romance (and were an absolute must for their engagement session).

    Bicycles are their main mode of transportation.

    This is “Their pose,” because they are “That couple,” as they would say.

    Kiss on the cheek

    I love the way he is looking at her here!

    Couple on a bicycle built for two

    “Their pose,” again!

    Engagement Photos

    Andrea and Ian looking at each other

    I think photos taken just before and just after a kiss are the most romantic.

    Right before the kiss

    Ian pulled the flowers out of his pocket and completely surprised Andrea with them.

    He gave her a flower

    They  surprised me with the jump. I think they may have surprised themselves too.

    Kiss and jump

    We happened upon this car.  Someone else was getting married that day.

    Engagement photo in front of retro car

    Holding hands while biking is not an easy feat.

    Two people on bikes

    Couple hugging

    nose to nose

    Congrats on your engagement, Andrea and Ian! I am looking forward to photographing your wedding, soon!

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  • Rachel and Mike Engagement Photos along the Humber River | Etobicoke Photographers

    My associate, Sarah will be photographing this awesome couple’s wedding soon.  Sarah did their engagement session along the Humber River.

    Rachel and Mike at Humber River 1

    Engagement photos in Etobicoke 2

    Etobicoke engagement photos 3

    Etobicoke engagement photos 4

    Etobicoke Engagement Photos 5

    Etobicoke Engagement photos 6

    Etobicoke engagement photos 7

    Etobicoke engagement photos silhouette

    Congrats on your engagement, Rachel and Mike! Sarah is really looking forward to photographing your wedidng.

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  • Fang and Greg’s Wedding at City Hall, U of T and the America restaurant at The Trump Hotel | Toronto Wedding Photographer

    Greg called me less than two months ago to ask if I was available on his wedding day. Fortunately, I was. Fang came in the next day and we got along immediately.  She had me laughing a lot and I hope the reverse is true too!

    They told me their wedding was going to be fairly laid back with under 35 guests and that they were going to get married at Toronto City Hall. They were originally planning to have their reception in their condo’s party room, but it got changed at the last minute to The America Restaurant in the Trump Hotel because the condo party room was not yet finished. That restaurant was an excellent choice because the venue was perfect for the number of guests and the food was scrumptious!

    I arrived to take photos of Fang getting ready in their condo.  I knew they were serious about being laid back when she invited Greg to come and see her just after she finished getting ready.  I love his expression upon first seeing her in her wedding dress.

    Fang Getting Ready and Greg seeing her for the first time

    Fang and her guests are about to enter City Hall before the ceremony.

    About to be married

    Greg and his best man as well as the guests are eagerly awaiting the ceremony.

    Waiting to get married

    Ring exchange!

    Greg and Fang ceremony | Putting on the ring

    They are very happy to have their marriage license.


    We took a photo of all the guests at City Hall.

    Wedding guests at City Hall

    I was so happy that the iconic Toronto sign was still up in front of City Hall! Fang is originally from China and she is eager to show these photos to her relatives who are still there.  This is Toronto!

    Bridal party in front of iconic Toronto sign at Nathan Phillip's Square

    They were pretty happy to celebrate with some champagne after the ceremony.

    Bride and groom in limo

    Portrait of the bride and portrait of the groom at U of T.

    Bride and groom

    Bridal party.  Fang’s daughter is beside her.

    Bridal party

    Bridesmaids and Fang with her two brothers, who also now live in Toronto.

    Bridal party at U of T and bride with brothers at U of T

    Family and bridal party.  Greg’s mom (in the green dress) came from England. She only came for 3 days because her other son is getting married next Saturday in England!

    Bridal party

    Being playful.

    Fun bride and groom wedding photo

    Bride kissing groom on the cheek

    Photos at Hart House. I was thrilled to be back there taking photos, because I had my own wedding reception there over a decade ago!

    Bride and groom at Hart House

    I could not resist the light or their expressions.

    Portrait of bride and groom

    West meets East.  Bridal portraits.

    Western bride/Eastern bride



    Recording the speeches.

    Wedding photo through a phone

    Congrats on such an awesome wedding day, Fang and Greg! Thanks again for allowing so much time for portraits and for having me there to photograph it.

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  • Christine and Bryan’s Toronto Engagement Photos | Toronto Skyline at the Docks and The Music Garden

    Christine and I played on our high school tennis team together (and have played a few times in our adulthood, but not as much as we would like).  I photographed her sister Jennifer’s engagement party in 2013 and Christine did not have a boyfriend at the time.

    I got an email from her asking if I was available on Sunday September 13 and was about to write back asking for details about her friend’s wedding. Before I did, I paused and asked, “Are you getting married?”  That was how I found out she was engaged!

    I was very happy to find out that Bryan plays tennis as well, so I predict a good doubles match in our future.

    I knew she had a boyfriend because she mentioned him the last time I took my kids to get their eyes checked with her at Oakville Eye Care. As an aside, I highly recommend you take your kids there too (or yourself) because she is so gentle that my 7 year old has wanted to be an optometrist ever since her first visit with Christine.

    Christine and Bryan wanted a downtown feel to their engagement photos.

    In my over 20 years of knowing Christine, I can tell Bryan is definitely the right man for her (and vice versa, as you can see in the photos).

    Plus, besides playing tennis (though he is now more into horseback riding), he knows how to shuck oysters.

    Toronto Skyline Engagement Photos at the Docks

    Couples silhouette in front of the Toronto Skyline

    Christine and Bryan overlooking Toronto

    Engagement photos on the water with the CN tower in the background

    Engagement photos at The Music Garden

    Christine and Bryan engagement photos

    Engagement photos at the Music Garden

    Music Garden engagement photo

    Totally in love

    Fun engagement photo at the Music Garden

    Congrats again, Christine and Bryan! I am looking forward to photographing your wedding and our doubles match after your wedding.

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  • Engagement Photos at Sunnyside Beach, Sunnyside Pavilion and Palais Royale | Toronto Wedding Photographer

    I had the pleasure of doing Lee and Dee’s engagement photos at Sunnyside Beach recently. It was the first really hot day of the summer, so we were all thrilled to be so close to the nice, cool water.

    Sunnyside also brought back great memories for Lee and Dee, because they had their first date there.  I love doing engagement photos because I get to find out what the couples I photograph like to do together and what their chemistry is like. These two were not afraid to let their chemistry show!

    Creative engagement photos at Sunnyside beach

    Sunnyside Engagement Photos

    Engagement Photos at Sunnyside

    Sunnyside Pavilion Engagement Photos

    Sunnyside Engagement Photos

    Sunnyside Engagement Photos

    Sunnyside by bench

    Sunnyside engagement photo on bench

    Dee and I met lindy hop (swing dancing), so I thought it would be a good idea for them to do a swingout in front of the historic Palais Royale, which has hosted many swing dances.  Lee lindy hops a little too.

    Palais Royale engagement photo

    Engagement photos at dusk on Lake Ontario


    Engagement photo at night

    Congrats again on your engagement! I am looking forward to your wedding.

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  • Carissa and Scott’s Toronto Wedding | Bishop Strachan School | Palais Royale | Toronto Wedding Photographer

    Scott stayed with my family for several Toronto Lindy Hop events over the years.

    It had been a few years since we last saw Scott and I found out why when he emailed to ask if I was available for his July 1 wedding this year. It turns out that his fiancée’s parents live pretty close to us, so he had been staying with them when he came to Toronto in recent years.

    Carissa lindy hops as well, but she is a woman of many talents.  She won the gold at the Chinese National Ultimate Championship in Beijing earlier this year and will be playing at the Canadian Ultimate Championships in Winnipeg later this year.

    Carissa got ready at the Park Hyatt Hotel in downtown Toronto.

    She actually put her earrings on with the mirror behind her, which made for a cool photo.

    Carissa had photos with the ugly dolls all over the world, so of course she wanted to incorporate them into her wedding photos.  I asked her bridesmaids to give me a silly face (to try and match the ugly dolls, not that they could ever really do that, because they are all beautiful).

    Carissa getting ready

    Carissa and Scott’s wedding ceremony took place at Bishop Strachan School. Carissa is a BSS alumni.

    Wedding at Bishop Strachan School

    They had bagpiper play before the ceremony.  I love how happy Carissa and her parents looked as they walked down the aisle.

    Ceremony at Bishop Strachan School

    At last!

    Wedding Ceremony

    The entire bridal party participated in the hymn sing.

    Carissa and Scott Wedding Ceremony

    As soon as they exited from the chapel, the bridal party was ready with their bubbles!

    Wedding party blowing bubbles towards bride and groom

    Happily married!

    Carissa and Scott outside BSS

    I love this reflection in Scott’s brother’s sunglasses.

    Reflection of bride and groom in sunglasses

    They wanted to do a ninja pose, so we did!

    Bridal party ninja photo

    Family photos on the deck of the Palais Royale.  I have always wanted to photograph a wedding at the Palais Royale, since I go to their amazing charity lunch almost every week. I even bumped into Carissa and Scott at that lunch! The lunch was actually my first time meeting Carissa, because they live in Ottawa.

    Bride and groom families at Palais Royale

    I couldn’t resist taking Carissa’s photo when I saw her standing beside this window inside the Palais Royale.

    Bride at window

    Tea ceremony.

    Tea ceremony

    A few portraits of Carissa and Scott.

    Palais Photos\

    Laughing during speeches. Note the outfit changes.

    Bride and groom laughing during speeches

    They were asked a series of questions, like “Who is the better cook?” and had to answer with the appropriate shoe (without knowing each other’s answers).

    Shoe game

    Outfit change #3 for Carissa and their speech.

    Bride and groom giving their speech

    They did an amazing job lindy hopping the first dance.  Everyone was surprised to learn that it was completely improvised.

    Dancing tenderly

    Congrats on your marriage, Carissa and Scott!

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  • Anna and Mike | Engagement Photos at the Music Garden and Harbourfront | Toronto Wedding Photographer

    I had a great time photographing Anna and Michael’s engagement photos at The Music Garden!  I used to lindy hop (swing dance) on Sunday afternoons there, but I had not been there since I photographed Michelle and Geoff’s wedding party there in 2009.  In spite of being in the heart of Toronto, it was incredibly peaceful and rather quiet.

    You can definitely tell that Anna and Michael are madly in love from these photos! Sometimes I pretended not to be taking photos and some of the photos that happened when they thought I was just ‘setting up’ are the ones you see below. There were so many moments between them that even if I looked away for a second, something would happen that would make for a great photo!

    Anna and Michael Engagement Photos


    I love how they brought this “&” sign to their session.

    Anna & Michael

    The photo on the right happened when they thought I was getting ready.  They didn’t realize I was taking pictures then!

    Ready to dance!

    I love Mike’s expression here.

    Kiss on the cheek

    Anna and Michael on stairs

    You know it’s a Toronto engagement session when you can see the CN tower!

    Engagement photos with CN tower in background

    You have to love the boats at Harbourfront!

    Photos in front of boat

    They wanted to incorporate eating gelato into their engagement session, so we did.  The tall ship happened to go by in the background.

    Sharing gelato

    Congrats again on your engagement, Anna and Mike! I am looking forward to your wedding!

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  • Silvana | Headshot Photographer

    Silvana, the CEO of Levey Industries came in for some headshots.

    Silvana headshots

    Headshots in the studio

    Silvana headshot 3

    Headshot in the studio


    Thanks for coming into the studio! It was really great photographing you again!

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