I met Yulia and Scott over a year ago, when they first came to inquire about wedding photography and I loved their story of how they met in high school.  They have been together since grade 9!  It is now 15 years later. They have lived together for 3 years and they finally, finally got married this year.  I knew this wedding would mean a lot to a lot of people who anxiously waited for this very special day.  I imagined a beautiful wedding day for them and it surpassed even my high expectations.

Here is Yulia’s high school grad photo, since of course, she and Scott were dating even back then.  I thought it would also be meaningful to get a photo with her mom when her mom was around her age.

Bride past and present

I already knew there would be many emotions at this wedding after all these years, which is definitely something I hope for as a photographer.  I also knew they were getting married at King Valley Golf Club, one of my favourite wedding venues. I couldn’t have predicted the perfect weather, that everything would run precisely on time and the post ceremony photos would take place at 6:00PM, which happens to have gorgeous light on beautiful days like theirs.

I arrived at Yulia’s childhood home just before she was going to put on the dress.  Sarah, my associate photographer, arrived where Scott was getting ready at the same time.

Bride coming down stairs

Yulia apparently changed the beers to say Ukrainian instead of Canadian before they were handed out to people as Scott got ready for the ceremony.

Portrait of Groom and beer detail

When we arrived at the venue, there was actually time before the ceremony to photograph the details inside from the turquoise and white table cloths to the cookies lovingly made by the bridesmaids, Yulia and Yulia’s mom as bonbonnieres.  There was also time to take more photos of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Bridesmaid and groomsmen

Aqua and white table settings at King Valley Golf Club

Bridal Table at King Valley Golf Club

The ceremony took place outdoors under a chuppah with Robb McDonald officiating.  When things got a little emotional (in a good way) during the vows, he helped out.

Bride walking down the aisle with both parents

Wedding ceremony under huppah at King Valley Golf Club

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony signing at King Valley Golf Club

As you can see from the photos of their parents, they were thrilled with this union.  Judging from the speeches, Scott’s parents already felt like Yulia was their daugther-in-law and Yulia’s parents felt the same way. Now it is finally official!

Parents after ceremony at King Valley Golf Club

We only had one hour between the ceremony and reception to take the family, bridal party and romantic photos.  That was totally fine, because everything went perfectly and it didn’t even feel rushed.  I also love family photos that take place after late ceremonies (theirs was at 5:30), because the light is really nice in the early evening in the summer.

Wedding day family photo with both sets of parents

Bridal party photo at King Valley Golf Club

Groom dipping bride

Wedding Photos at King Valley Golf Club

Bride and groom on golf course at King Valley Golf Club

When Yulia and Scott entered the golf club for their reception, they danced the Hora right away.  I love the hora, especially when the couple is hoisted onto chairs and people lift them up and down. Even though many of the guests had not danced the hora before, they were all very excited to get in on the fun.  They transitioned into the first dance and father-daughter, mother-son dances and cut the cake immediately after that.

Hora dance at King Valley Golf Club

First dance wedding photo at King Valley Golf Club

Father-daughter dance and mother-son dance photos at King Valley Golf Club

Cake cutting at King Valley Golf Club

Speeches took place during dinner. Amazingly, they had 9 speeches, but the catering manager approached me to say how he was super impressed because dinner only took an hour and 15 minutes.  That meant Yulia and Scott had more time to party and be with their guests and of course, when the sweets and late night buffet tables came out, enough time had passed since people had eaten that they were ready to eat again.
Kissing game win

Bride and groom laughing

We stepped outside for a couple of minutes to take these photos at night, while it was still light enough to see the clouds.

Night time romantic photo at King Valley Golf Club

Romantic night photo at King Valley Golf Club

The bouquet toss had a humourous moment when it went straight up and did not land.  Turns out it did land…into the chandelier!  Some people helped get it out and she tossed it again, to one very happy lady.

Bouquet in Chandelier

Bridal bouquet toss, take 2.

Bouquet toss at King Valley Golf Club

Bride with bouquet toss winner

The dance floor filled up and the party continued.

Wedding reception photos

Yulia’s parents got into the dancing.

Dancing to Rasputin

May the next 60 or so years be as wonderful as the first 15, Yulia and Scott! If your wedding is anything to go by, you have a fantastic future ahead. Thanks again for having us photograph your wedding.  My heart is full.



Limo company – EVK Limousine Service
Dress Designer – Nicole Spose
DJ – Maxim Music
Makeup artist – Alisa Rybalko
Cake and donuts: Artsy Baker
Officiant: Robb McDonald 
Shoe designer – Betsey Johnson
Rings – Diamond Design

Wedding favours (succulents) – Urban Gardens