I was looking forward to Stephanie and Doug’s wedding since I first met them. They were up for anything at their engagement session and they were getting married at the beautiful King’s Riding Golf Club.

We did their engagement session in the winter, since they wanted to incorporate skating as Stephanie was learning how to do it, thanks to Doug. They also each brought their favourite book to the engagement session, since they like to read.  Doug is very into Harry Potter and Stephanie likes all kinds of fiction.

Doug has Scottish ancestry, so he incorporated Scottish items and outfits into their wedding.

The groom and groomsman had some fun before their wedding. They were all quite comfortable in their kilts. Notice how Doug’s is a different colour than the kilts the groomsmen are wearing. He wore the colours of his family’s clan.  I like how the street sign and Doug’s kilt are almost the exact same colours, but different patterns.

Stephanie’s bridesmaids all looked stunning in their green dresses and of course, she was a standout in her beautiful lace wedding gown. I like how excited she looks just an hour or so before her wedding.

Every couple hopes for this type of weather on their wedding day.  Stephanie and Scott picked an absolutely perfect day.  When I took this photo, all of the guests had entered and Stephanie and her bridesmaids were just about to arrive.

Always composed, Doug keeps a calm look as he watches Stephanie walk down the aisle, while the officiant and groomsmen cannot contain their excitement.

Stephanie and Doug had a hand binding ceremony to officially join them together. Is this where the phrase “Tie the knot,” comes from?

I love the genuine smiles from Stephanie and her bridesmaids as she is about to officially be married.

The bridal party looking good in front of King’s Riding Golf Club.

We had some fun asking the girls to primp up Doug so he would look his best for Stephanie. He didn’t seem to mind.

I always love the photos of two families joining together on a wedding day.

One of my favourite parts of the day was when we were asked if we wanted to take photos on the golf course and somebody let us drive our own golf carts to get there.  I loved the photo locations and I also loved driving the cart!

The moments just before and after a kiss are even better to photograph (in my opinion) than the actual kiss.

The only way for a bride to see the back of her dress is for someone to take a photo of it.  We made sure we did that at Stephanie’s wedding!

Rolling hills, back lighting, a stunning bride in a beautiful gown, fantastic weather, what more can you ask for?

We let them pretend we weren’t around for a few minutes.

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The emcees had a lot of fun. They met Stephanie in kindergarten!  I love that they had so many friends they had known for a very long time at their wedding.

They did their first dance right after they entered. Don’t you love how the cake has a tartan that matches Doug’s kilt? The figure on top of the cake matches Stephanie and Doug quite well too!

The right girl caught the bouquet, because she seems pretty happy.  Feel free to call me when you get engaged!

Ditto for the groomsman who caught the bouquet. He made an effort and succeeded!

You know it’s time to party when the animal bandanas come out.

Congratulations on a fantastic wedding day, Stephanie and Doug!  Thanks for allowing me to follow along in your romance from your engagement session to  your wedding day.  It was all perfect, “until the very end,” (to quote James Potter).  Enjoy Disney and please post lost of pictures and let me know how you like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios!  Thank you so much for having Sarah and I there to document all these precious moments (and many more).

I wish you many magical moments in the future.