Stephanie and Mike could not stop smiling throughout their wedding day!!  This did not come as much of a surprise when Mike’s (wonderful dry) sense of humour really came out during the speeches.  Judging from the reactions to the speeches, he could have had a successful comedy career, if he hadn’t chosen to be a pilot.  This was one very happy couple!  We expected nothing less, considering they did their engagement session on one of the hottest days of the summer (quite possible THE hottest) and smiled throughout.

They had some really nice touches to their wedding, like a horse and buggy ride.  They also made the kissing game their own, by having people launch paper airplanes into a hula hoop.

Thanks again for choosing us to document your wedding day!


Beautiful hands

Mike in his cool ride

Father giving away his daughter to the groom

Ring exchange photo

Standing at the altar

Post ceremony hugs

Stephanie and Mike



Horse and buggy outside the church

Horse and buggy ride

Bridal party

Bridal party photo 2



King's Riding

First dance

Father daughter dance

Mother and son dance

Reacting to speeches

Kissing game

We have a winner!

Congratulations, Stephanie and Mike!!! We hope you are having an amazing honeymoon!

Thanks to Ryan Rowell, from Rowell Photography for shooting with Sarah.

Other vendors:  Wedding Planner-Ashley from One Fine Day | Videographer-Nancy from Calico Cat Productions | Special Events Co-ordinator for King’s Riding Golf Club-Erika Banting + more coming!