I had been looking forward to Christopher and Shannon’s Albany Club Wedding ever since their Hamilton Waterfalls Engagement session. 

I knew that no matter the weather, they would be prepared and accepting.  In spite of a fairly lousy forecast for many days before the wedding, we did not have to worry about that because it was an absolutely perfect day.

We started off at the Omni King Edward Hotel, where Christopher and Shannon were getting ready in separate rooms and then made our way outside for the bridal reveal.

When Christopher saw Shannon for the first time, he appeared to be stunned into silence.  It took a few minutes for him to take her in, but when he did, it was beautiful.

Afterwards, we headed over to the grounds of the Cathedral Church of St. James for photos of the families, couple and wedding party before the ceremony began at the Albany Club.


Shannon had her makeup done when I arrived.

Shannon had a photo of herself as a child clipped into her dress.


Sarah was upstairs photographing the groom and his people when I was with the bride.

Christopher’s cuff links say “Grow Old with Me. The best is yet to be.”

Groom getting ready


Groom and best man playing video games


This wedding not only featured a bridal reveal, but also a reveal of Christopher’s mom to his dad, because she is a farmer who doesn’t dress like this for the carrots!  Everyone kept saying his dad was going to “Drop his teeth” I think he came close.

Mother reveal


Christopher burned off some energy as he waited for Shannon’s arrival.

Happy groom


Christopher went into anticipation mode when he realized she was coming.

Groom anxiously awaiting bride's arrival


Shannon is ready to surprise Christopher!

Groom with bride behind him

Bridal reveal


People were saying this may have been the first time Christopher was stunned into silence.

Bride kissing groom


We walked towards the grounds of St. James Cathedral. First, they stopped outside the Albany Club.

Family before wedding


The two families together.


The bridal party. Shannon went to elementary school with Jessica and of course, Stephen is Christopher’s brother.

Bridal Party at St. James Cathedral


We had time for some romantic photos.

Bride and groom on bench

Wedding couple laughing on bench

Groom holding bride with long veil


Christopher entered the Albany Club and immediately stuck his head of the doors so I could take a picture of him before the ceremony.

Groom poking his head out of the Albany Club


Shannon asked for some photos of the back of her dress, so we took them just before the ceremony, while she waited in this room with beautiful light.

Bride's dress


I like how the Reverend is laughing and how Stephen is smiling as Shannon’s dad prepares to hand her over.

Wedding Ceremony at the Albany Club Father Handing Over Bride


Looks like somebody is very excited!

About to kiss


Sarah ran upstairs to the little window to take this photo of everyone when the ceremony ended. I found myself caught in the middle after I directed the last few rows to move back so they would be in the photo too.

Group photo at the Albany Club


We went upstairs to the Albany Club rooftop to take a few family photos.

Bride's Family

Albany Club Rooftop family photo


Shannon’s mom and her sisters share a laugh before heading to the reception area.

Four sisters

Bride and groom share a moment

Albany Club table settings for a wedding


First dance with their parents joining them at the end.

First Dance


There was lots of laughter throughout the speeches!

Laughing at a speech

Something funny happened



They had their wedding rings custom made for each other. Shannon’s wedding ring is Alexanderite, which changes colour from emerald to ruby depending on the time of day.

Wedding rings


We snuck outside for some off-camera flash evening photos with the cathedral and city lights in the background. We also got a streetcar photo.

Downtown Toronto night time wedding photos

Wedding photo with streetcar in background


It’s always lovely when one half of a couple catches the garter and the other half catches the bouquet. In this case, it was Shannon’s brother and his girlfriend.

Garter toss

Bouquet toss


Most of the guests got on the dance floor and stayed there all night (well, until the party ended)!

Dance time!

On the dance floor

Bride and groom kiss at the end of the night


Congratulations on a super fantastic wedding day, Shannon and Chris! I hope you had an amazing honeymoon in Mexico too! Thank you also for choosing such great times for the photos in terms of the light and thanks to the guests for having such an awesome time!