You may remember my associate, Janette as she photographed many weddings for Rabbat Photography over the years.
She stopped photographing weddings to concentrate on art, which is something she began doing even before she became a photographer.
Janette illustrated this children’s book that her friend Guinevere wrote. Here are some long overdue photos from the book launch, which happened at her place in Mt. Albert. The launch was so successful, they sold out of all the books they had! They can order more though, so if you would like to order one, please let me know and I will arrange it with her.
Congratulations, Janette and Guin!

Here they are with the book.

Janette and Guin’s children were all very excited about the book launch and had fun drawing on the board.

These are just a couple of Janette Rojas’ incredible paintings.

The drawing on the right hand side is of my baby, Chloe in my husband’s arms. I looked at the drawing and immediately knew it was Chloe.

Our good friend Rachel recently got engaged!

Dawn’s birthday was the same day as the book launch, so we surprised her with a cake.

Congratulations, Janette and Guinevere!