I have been getting a lot of spam inquiries recently, so when I first received an email from Matt and Lily where they told me they were going to be the only people at their wedding and that it was going to be at 7AM, I worried about the legitimacy.
Fortunately, I did respond and when I met with them in person, I discovered they were both incredibly genuine people. I am so glad I responded and was able to photograph their wedding because photographing two people who adore each other is now my favourite way to start a morning.

They regularly walk their Border Collie at Humber Bay Park so it made sense for them to officially get married there too.  The Marrying Lady, Tade Cradgeur did a beautiful job officiating their ceremony.

My assistant and I also had the privilege of being their witnesses, which was truly an honour.

This was probably the shortest and smallest wedding I have ever done and while I love full day weddings, I would love to also photograph more elopements and super small weddings.

Thanks so much for thinking of me, Matt and Lily.











Congratulations again on your marriage and beautiful ceremony!