This summer my cousin got married in PEI (she married an Islander!), so we went out East this summer for her wedding. We flew from Halifax to Hamilton on Swoop Airlines, which is West Jet’s low cost carrier.  We paid $250 per person instead of $500 from Toronto to Charlottetown, plus it was cheaper to rent a vehicle in Halifax than Charlottetown.

We stayed at the newly renovated Mill River Inn in Woodstock, Prince Edward Island. The rooms were bright and comfortable and the indoor pool had a really awesome waterslide!  We had delicious breakfasts there too.

We were guests at this wedding and I had all three kids, so I only took a few photos at the reception, which took place at the O’Leary Legion Hall.

The day after the wedding, we went to The Village Feast. Esteemed chef Michael Smith puts it on every year as a fundraiser.  There was steak, lobster and Kenyan ghiteri,, which I tried for the first time in my life. It is healthy and delicious. We were lucky we had such nice weather, or it would have taken place inside a hockey arena.

After dinner, we went for a walk on the beach in Souris.

Here is one of many jellyfish we saw on our walk. We were skipping over them because there were so many.

We went to Basin Head Beach as well.  There were quite a few jellyfish there too.  The next day, I rented a paddleboard and brought the kids on it with me.  The jellyfish added an element of risk, which made it a little more interesting than usual, but we didn’t fall in (much to my children’s relief).

My mom took this great photo of our family!

We went to the Anne of Green Gables Museum in PEI and the girls took turns dressing up as Anne.

We were pleasantly surprised by a concert at the Anne of Green Gables Museum.

We went to Cavendish Beach, but we forgot the girls’ bathing suits. They didn’t mind at all!

We stayed at The Best Western Chocolate Lake in Nova Scotia and our hotel had a room full of video games. Our daughters enjoyed playing some of the games we played as children.

We ended our trip in Halifax. We took the ferry from PEI to Nova Scotia and that was a great choice because we were treated to a concert on the boat.

We were very impressed with the Halifax public gardens.

Our baby Chloe calls all birds ducks. We actually saw a baby duck and of course, she shouted, “Duck!!!”

I loved this beautiful mural that we saw in downtown Halifax.

The kids loved this wave near the playground by the pier.

We went to the beautiful Peggy’s Cove. We ate dinner at the Sou’Wester.