On Friday, we spent the day photographing children for Autism Canada at Active Bodies, Active Minds Indoor Playground in Mississauga (close to Etobicoke).  Each family that made a donation to Autism Canada, received a photo from Rabbat Photography in exchange.   For those of you who have a child on the spectrum, this facility holds Autism Family Socials every last Tuesday of the month.

They had many children come through on Friday for the Easter Egg Hunt and it was great that so many stopped in for photos!

Here are a few of the photos from Friday.

Easter portrait of a toddler

These two loved joking around with each other.

Fun Easter Sibling Photo

I met these two when they were babies through the Etobicoke Moms Meetup Group (which no longer exists). It was really great to see them again!

Creative Easter Photo Brother and Sister

If you are following my blog, you probably want to see photos of my children, who dropped by for the event.

Unique Easter Photos

Happy Easter!