Stephanie and John had their wedding at The Albany Club in downtown Toronto.

Stephanie got ready in the bridal suite before the ceremony began and it mostly went off without incident, at least until she was pinning the boutonniere on her grandpa and we heard a “BEEEEEEP.”  Nobody could figure out where the alarm was coming from and then finally, her grandpa said, “Oh, that’s my defibrillator.”  I was worried Stephanie was going to have a heart attack when she worried about her grandpa, but they put it on the other side (it had a magnet) and all was well. Phew!

I went outside, where John’s brother was serenading all the guests and people on King St. with his bagpipes. He is 1/2 of 416 Pipes. They can often be seen outside Blue Jays games and play many songs that would not be considered traditional piping material (like the Flinstones theme song, for instance).|

Stephanie’s youngest sister walked her down the aisle, where she and John laughed and smiled throughout the ceremony and continued upstairs during the cocktail reception and when we went outside to the St. James Cathedral gardens for photos of the happy couple and bridal party.

There were many pigeons outside with us and you can spot them in a few of the outdoor photos, so have a close look!

At the reception, tenor Nathan Martin came to sing many songs for them, including a very heartfelt and lovely song Elizabeth (John’s mom) wrote to the tune of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” that was specifically about John and Stephanie.

After lunch, speeches and music, we went upstairs and took formal portraits of the whole family before everyone parted ways, delighted for Stephanie and John.

Stephanie getting ready at the Albany Club.

Bagpiping brother

Boutonniere incident

Happy bride walking down the aisle with her sister

Sister walking Stephanie Down the Aisle

Getting married

First Kiss and Married!

Proud and happy grandma

Wedding Party Downtown Toronto

Wedding Party Downtown Toronto

Stephanie and John happily married and ready for their closeups!



Ode to mom


Singing along

Stephanie and John listening intently


Cosman Family

Hoyle Family