Andrea had a birthday celebration a few years ago, which I attended.  It was my first time meeting Ian and I whispered “I think he likes you,” to her.  More recently, she told me they got quite a kick out of my comment because it was their third date!

They met at Tweed Ride Toronto , so of course their bicycles were an important part of their romance (and were an absolute must for their engagement session).

Bicycles are their main mode of transportation.

This is “Their pose,” because they are “That couple,” as they would say.

Kiss on the cheek

I love the way he is looking at her here!

Couple on a bicycle built for two

“Their pose,” again!

Engagement Photos

Andrea and Ian looking at each other

I think photos taken just before and just after a kiss are the most romantic.

Right before the kiss

Ian pulled the flowers out of his pocket and completely surprised Andrea with them.

He gave her a flower

They  surprised me with the jump. I think they may have surprised themselves too.

Kiss and jump

We happened upon this car.  Someone else was getting married that day.

Engagement photo in front of retro car

Holding hands while biking is not an easy feat.

Two people on bikes

Couple hugging

nose to nose

Congrats on your engagement, Andrea and Ian! I am looking forward to photographing your wedding, soon!