I knew Lee and Dee would have an awesome wedding, but I didn’t know it would be filled with so many unique and super cool details!  Their wedding definitely had a downtown Toronto feel, since Lee got ready at The Hilton Garden Inn around Jarvis and Dundas, Dee got ready at their place in Leslieville and the wedding took place at a new venue called The Gates at Gerrard and Church.

Lee and the Groomsmen watched some videos on YouTube before they put the boutonnieres on, to make sure they were doing it right.   You can see the results below.

Lee and the Groomsmen

Dee and her bridesmaids made the bouquet and boutonnieres out of paper.  These were definitely among the most incredible bridal bouquets I have ever seen and they were definitely the most creative!

Paper bouquet

Check out Dee’s bridal themed nails.

Wedding day nails

Dee’s matron of honour wrote out her speech in an attempt to memorize it. In case you were wondering, she rocked it! It was filled with emotions from tears to laughter.

Maid of honour's speech

Dee getting ready.  I thought it was pretty funny when she stood in front of the cow’s skull on her wall and it looked like there were horns coming from her head.

Dee getting ready

Almost done getting ready! Note the beautiful painting of Dee on the wall, by Heather Horton.

Dee is ready!

Dee’s dad walks her down the aisle to  immeasurable applause!

Dad walking bride down aisle

First married kiss!

Wedding Ceremony at The Gates in Toronto

They brought some props.  Note the black and white photos. Dee’s photo is of her parents on their wedding day and Lee’s photo is of his parents on their wedding day.  I find it amazing that both sets of parents are posing the same way.

Bride and groom with & sign and photos from their parents' weddings

It’s OK if it rains on your wedding day! You can still take photos outside!

Photos in the rain

Dee’s matron of honour likes joking around.  She was framed here!

Dee and her matron of honour in a picture frame

Lee’s family and Dee’s family.

Family photos

Don’t you love Dee’s dress? It is by Starkers! Corsetry. I also love Lee’s hair…er…wait…I mean Dee’s hair.

Bride and groom as bride

Their friend Kalli Roger did an amazing job making the cake. I think Dee was pretty excited to dig into it!

Cake and cake cutting

Their friends and family were this enthusiastic for the entire reception.  I think they win for ‘least subdued crowd’ I have photographed in my over 14 year long wedding photography career!

Fun and enthusiastic wedding crowd

I brought them outside for some night photos. It was raining a tiny bit, but that was OK!

Romantic photos at night

Is it just me, or does Dee remind you a little bit of Amelie here?  Don’t  you love her shoes? She designed them herself!

Bride on couch

Last dance together before the night came to an end.

Last dance

Congrats on your marriage, Dee and Lee!  May the fun continue with many more dances and creative endeavors.

Thanks again for having me there to photograph your wedding!