I’ve been waiting to photograph baby Emmett since I found out Christine and Bryce were expecting him shortly before their maternity photos .

He was born just one day before St. Patrick’s Day and weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces.

I love the newborn ‘I was in my mommy’s womb for 9 months’ sleeping curl.

Baby Emmett

In a pea pod.


Sleep, sleep, sleep.  Newborns do a lot of that!  Of course, they do a lot of waking up in the middle of the night too.

(Yes, he has an outie bellybutton).


Bryce is applying two of the 5 S’s from The Happiest Baby on the block here “Shhhing” and “Swinging” (dad powered swinging).

Awake. The 5 'S's.

Little baby bunny comes just in time for Easter!

Bundled Bunny Baby

I’m very happy with the bunny ears and diaper cover I ordered from Etsy.com .

Little Baby Bunny

It’s amazing how squished up newborns can get isn’t it? I guess it’s even more amazing that they once fit inside their mommies!!!

Little One

Mommy and daddy sharing a moment while their ‘baby burrito’ (another ‘S’-swaddling) sleeps.  Bryce (daddy) is from Australia, so this photoshoot would not have been completel without koalas.


London, the family dog, was the best behaved dog I have ever met.  They asked him to look in one direction or sit in a certain place and he did! Here he is being protective.


Congratulations on your beautiful (or should I say ‘handsome?’) new addition and thanks so much for having me over to photograph him, Christine and Bryce!!!