I’ve been a regular customer at Spin Dessert Cafe ever since The Etobicoke Moms Meetup Group started having weekly gatherings there.  I’d planned on visiting much earlier, but never got around to it, which is a shame because I am addicted to their matcha green tea smoothies and chicken pesto crepes!!!  Unfortunately, I can never finish my matcha green tea smoothies because my 2  year old is as addicted as I am and steals them on a consistent basis.

They are redoing their menu and Rabbat Photography was lucky enough to be chosen for it!

In case Spin sounds familiar (which it might if you live near Queensway and Islington or go to that movie theatre, which is the busiest in Canada), here is a picture of the outside:


Here is the inside:

Spin Dessert Cafe inside

Here’s a cappuccino for you.


Here’s the chicken pesto crepe.

Chicken Pesto Crepe

Now it’s time for dessert! Enjoy! The ice cream is made in house so it’s extra delicious.


Are you hungry now?

More photos will of course be appearing on their new menu (when it comes out)!