Dave and I met in the first semester of grade 9.  He went from being a nice, somewhat quiet, polite boy to being a good listener with a dry sense of humour.   When Dave introduced my husband and I to Claire, we took an immediate liking to her. From the start, we hoped Claire would be the one for Dave and we were not surprised when they announced their engagement.  I love happy endings…or should I say beginnings?

Before the wedding started, large pellets of rain started coming down.  The rain stopped before we went outside.  It started again later, but fortunately, only as we were finishing up the photo session at Adamson Estates.  The Bentley driver came out with a large golf umbrella so Dave and Claire could get to the car without getting wet.  They say rain is good luck if it happens on your wedding day, but I think it’s even better luck if it happens at opportune times.

I was very impressed with the beauty of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian church . The minister’s ceremony definitely held everyone’s attention with humour and good advice from his own marriage.  One thing that stands out in my mind is when he said, “If your husband has the remote control, it’s not a good time to talk to him…at least not if you want him to hear what you’re saying,” (or something along those lines).

By the time we arrived at Piper’s Heath Golf Club, the sun was shining again. We were even able to get outside during the ‘golden hour’ for a few more photos, like the one of Dave holding Claire, which is something he likes to do regularly, since she is super light and a lot more interesting than the weights he lifts on a regular basis.

Claire’s older sister and Dave’s older brother both got married last year.  There was lots of talk about how they followed in the footsteps of their older siblings, whom both are close to.  You can see from the reactions to the speeches that their siblings went the funny route.

Dave and Claire’s speech was quite humourous as well, with Dave telling us about how the first time he met Claire’s parents (who hail from Northern Ireland), her dad said, “Why don’t you sit on the couch with me and have some crack?”  Dave of course, did not know how to react to what would be his future father-in-law’s strange request, until he learned that “Have some crack,” is an Irish expression for “Tell some jokes.”

Claire’s mom made sure everyone got on the dance floor, even going to the tables, grabbing hands and pulling people up!

The DJ had a great salt vs. pepper dance-off competition, which helped as well.

For their first dance, Claire and Dave learned how to waltz-a skill, that should last a lifetime.

Congratulations again, Claire and Dave!!! We were so happy to be part of your special day.

Beautiful bride


Bride and bridesmaids

Wedding ceremony


Wedding ceremony

All the guests


Bridal party

Dave and Claire

In the Bentley

Piper's Heath wedding reception


Golden hour bride and groom photo, Piper's Heath

Cake cutting

Mike's speech

Reacting to the speeches

Bride and groom speech

Parental laughter

Pepper awaiting their results

Salt-the pleasantly suprised winners

Reception dancing

Other involved parties:

Total Eclipse Limousine | Just For U Entertainment (DJ)| Rainflower Company | St. Andrew’s Church co-ordinator-Margo Da Sie | Piper’s Heath Wedding co-ordinator-Lindsay Gruehl