Blog by Sarah.

This was the second wedding in the Parton family I had the pleasure of photographing (Leanne and John’s being the first).  I also had the pleasure of photographing grandma Jack’s 100th birthday!

The Partons are always a fun and wonderful group of people to work with.

J and Terri’s 1930s themed wedding took place on top of a hill in Sudbury, though they came all the way from Fort McMurray, Alberta.  In spite of not being from Sudbury, they couldn’t have picked  a nicer spot!

During the ceremony the wedding party danced up the aisle. Terri and J exchanged the most beautiful vows that they wrote themselves. When they walked down the aisle, they were suprised by the groomsmen shooting at them with nerf balls!

The reception had a mystery game where the guest were asked to solve the case of the missing necklace.

It’s very clear from being with them that this family has a lot of love for each other. I was so glad they invited us to be a part of their day and hope we can celebrate another event with them in the future!

Laughing Groomsman

Bride getting ready


Shooting down the aisle

Bride and groom at the altar

Being shot at with nerf guns



Bridal party

Bride and groom


Gun shots

Canadian Legion


First dance

Congratulations, Terrie and J!