Heidi Lange and Alan Reid performed “Songs in a complicated time,” at The Annex Live.  It was a musical review, featuring songs from many different….you guessed it…musicals! I think of all the songs performed, the only one I heard before was the very last song, which was from my favourite musical of all time, Avenue Q.  The audience was introduced to a great variety of fabulous songs from many known and lesser know musicals! These two know how to put on a SHOW.


Heidi and Alan were accompanied on piano by Andrea Arthurs.

Heidi and pianist

Singing passionately

I love how dramatic they were!

Hilarious duet part 1

Hilarious duet part 3

I was never expecting HIM to come out in a shower cap and housecoat! This song was pretty funny.

80s duet

I guess you had to be there, but this song was about a woman named “Miss Bird,” who seemed like an average kind of lady, but took a lot risks in other ummm….departments. I’m not sure how to describe it.

Miss Bird

At the end, a few of their friends joined them for the finale.

Avenue Q song

David Murrell accompanies on piano.

Avenue Q song

This show was totally sold out, so if you didn’t make it into that show, you are in luck! There will be an encore performance at The Annex Live, on Friday March 12 at 8:30PM. Call now to reserve!