We got accepted into the So You’re EnGAYged vendor list! This was started by a queer photographer who wanted to make it easy for queer couples to find queer friendly vendors.

We have photographed a lesbian wedding, but due to outness issues we could not use the images.  So, in order to get a photo for the vendor list I did a photoshoot with some (lesbian) friends of mine. I know them from women’s shinny hockey and I always wanted to do a hockey photoshoot, so that’s what we did!  Anne and Liz are not actually enga(y)ged, but they have been together for 10 years and they said that the photo session is probably the best part of having a wedding, so even if you’re commonlaw, a photo session with your partner could be a great idea!

I’m not sure they’re trying hard enough for the puck here!

Goin' for the puck

Ok, that’s a little more serious…but it still looks like too much fun.

Hockey 2

Time for a laugh and kiss break.

Hockey love

Back to the puck!


This is the one we ended up using for our listing, which can be seen here:

https://www.soyoureengayged.com/vendor-list/photography/ – click on “Canada!”

I chose this one because I like how they’re looking at each other.  You can tell they are still totally in love after 10 years together.


On a hockey related note, GO TEAM CANADA!  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty glued to the Olympics!